Circle of Peace / Peace Wall Memorial
Sanfordville School - Warwick, NY

In rememberance of all who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
An expression of children's hopes for a more peaceful and just world.
Dedicated June, 2003.

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How the Circle of Peace Memorial was Built

Phase one of the Memorial, the circular wall, was successfully completed
over the summer of 2002. It was built using fieldstone from the fields surrounding the school. That September, the site was graded to the
appropriate levels, preparing it for the installation of the pools. Sod was installed in early May, 2003. Shortly after, aerator pumps were installed in the center circles, which keeps water bubbling over the stones. In the fall, landscaping was completed with paths and careful plantings.

Dedication Ceremony

The community dedicated stones for the fountains to the memory of people affected by 9-11 tragedy. The stones were placed in the pools at the dedication ceremony. Warwick students from the primary to secondary grades, recited poetry, sang songs, and played music during the event along with other invited guests.

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