Circle of Peace / Peace Wall Memorial
Sanfordville School - Warwick, NY

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About the Circle of Peace / Peace Wall Memorial

The Circle of Peace / Peace Wall Memorial, was created in honor of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The idea for the memorial grew out of our children's need to express their hopes and vision for a better world and a more peaceful future. We decided that the memorial should be made out of stones because they represent eternity, strength, and planet Earth. The wall is circular, like the planet, and the circle of life. It has four openings, one for each compass point, a gesture of welcome to all four corners of the earth. In the center are three shallow pools containing small stones, which represent the victims. The form of the wall is inspired by a symbol created by peacemaker Nichols Roerich in New York in 1929. Essentially, his symbol represents past, present and future enclosed in the circle of eternity, or science, art and religion held together in the ring of culture.

The Circle of Peace memorial is our tribute to all those whose lives ended on that tragic September morning, and our symbol of hope and remembrance for all of us who share in contemplating it, now and in the future.

-Beverly Braxton

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